Cosmetic and Family Dental Services in the Toronto Area

At Yorkdale Dental Centre in North York, we offer all of the general dentistry services you’d expect, such as exams, cleanings, preventative X-rays and tooth extractions. We’re also experienced with orthodontia (braces); cosmetic and restorative treatments like crowns, bridges and implants; and other services listed below.

For any patient undergoing a potentially painful treatment or who is simply nervous about dental procedures, Yorkdale Dental Centre offers nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, will make you feel calm, but awake enough to answer your dentist’s questions.

For a Whiter Smile
A very popular treatment at Yorkdale Dental Centre is the Philips Zoom! tooth bleaching treatment. This procedure takes place in our office under a dentist’s supervision, although you can also opt for the nighttime treatments at home, if you wish.

More Than a Quarter-Century of Dental Care
Take a look at the kinds of oral treatments and procedures you can have done at Yorkdale Dental Centre. If you need a service that is not on this list, call and ask us if we offer it. After more than 34 years in practice, we probably do.

• General Dentistry (exams, X-rays, consultations, cleanings)
• Deep Scaling and Root Planing Management
• Fillings, Inlays and Onlays
• Root Canal Therapy (endodontics)
• Extractions Including Wisdom Teeth
• Crowns (caps) and Bridges
• Braces (orthodontics)
• Implants
• Complete Dentures, Including Repairs and Relines
• Cosmetic Dentistry (bonding, veneers, ZOOM! or take-home whitening)
• Periodontal (gum treatment)
• Emergency Services
• Nitrous Oxide Sedation


Our Favourite Brands
When we suggest oral care products to our patients, these are the brands we feel most comfortable promoting. At Yorkdale Dental Centre, safety and effectiveness are always foremost in our minds when talking with our patients.

• Oral B®
• Philips Zoom! Whitening

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