Oral Surgery

Oral surgery includes procedures that affect the mouth and jaw area. In our practice we attach great importance to minimally invasive, low-pain treatment with as few side effects and after-effects as possible.

Our oral surgery procedures include:

  • Gum Grafting
  • Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Nowadays the human jaw is often too small so that the wisdom teeth cannot find a place. Due to the lack of space, the wisdom teeth remain in the jawbone or lie below the mucous membrane. This results in the formation of dental decay on adjoining teeth. Niches of dirt develop, which lead to inflammation in the area of the gums, the bone and the surrounding soft tissues. This is why most of the people have to part with their wisdom teeth.  Wisdom teeth surgery may also be advisable for orthodontic reasons if the newly erupting wisdom teeth jeopardize the success of the treatment.

Our years of experience, gentle surgical techniques and coordinated accompanying medication reduce swelling and discomfort to a minimum. With twilight sleep and general anesthesia, we offer you the opportunity to have a treatment performed painlessly and without fear.

Gum Grafting: The Pinhole® Surgical Technique

Healthy and beautiful gums that fit closely to the tooth contribute to the overall positive impression of your teeth and the entire face. However, in the course of periodontitis or age-related or non-inflammatory gum recession, the gums can recede so far that the tooth necks are exposed and the teeth look longer. Many patients find this unaesthetic. In addition, the teeth usually become more sensitive than before. Even brushing your teeth becomes uncomfortable and painful. But with the patented pinhole technology, gum recession can be reversed quickly and permanently.

A small puncture with a surgical needle is the only cut that is necessary for the pinhole technique. Through this needle prick, the pinhole, the specialized dental instruments are used to gently detach the patient’s gum tissue from the jawbone and to bring them back into the desired position. The result of the operation is immediately visible and assuming that the correct toothbrushing is applied, the rejuvenated gums will stay in their position even after years.

The advantages of the Pinhole Surgical Technique® at a glance:

  • incision- and suture-free treatment method
  • Access holes usually heal within a day
  • Fewer risks compared to other gum treatment techniques
  • Gums heal quickly in the new position and remain there for a long time
  • Excellent, long-term, and aesthetic results

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