Your smile is our passion!  Beautiful and straight teeth are an expression of health and zest for life.  An attractive smile also boosts self-confidence. Orthodontics is primarily concerned with the treatment and prevention of misaligned teeth. Orthodontic measures are usually taken in childhood or adolescent. But such a treatment can also be useful and possible as an adult. Are you over 18 years old and thinking about orthodontic treatment, but you are unsure whether it is still possible and useful? Let us advise you on the possible treatment methods and benefit from the most modern techniques such as the 3D scan to simulate possible treatment results. In this way, you and we can get a comprehensive picture of the current situation and develop the best possible treatment plan for you.

Orthodontic Treatments

The entire chewing apparatus has an impact on body systems such as digestion and the cardiovascular system. If teeth are crooked or if the upper and lower jaws cannot literally bite into each other, this can lead to serious problems. In addition, misaligned teeth and jaws have a long-term effect on the temporomandibular joints, gums and jawbones. There may be impairments of the language and also the aesthetic aspect.

An anatomically faulty temporomandibular joint can cause far-reaching discomfort beyond the jaw area. For example, back or knee problems are not always directly related to the temporomandibular joint. Those affected who suffer from such pain usually turn to a dentist late. However, the symptoms can often be alleviated or even disappear with appropriate therapy. An effective treatment consists of a detailed consultation, a detailed analysis of the jaw and usually the subsequent wearing of an individually adapted occlusal splint. This relieves the temporomandibular joint and ultimately leads to a significant improvement in the patient’s wellbeing. Enough reasons why adults should also consider orthodontic treatment. As experienced orthodontists, it is our concern to make orthodontic treatments as pleasant as possible for you and your children. Our patients are always our focus. The range of services of our orthodontic practice focuses in particular on the areas of traditional braces and Invisalign Clear Aligners for both children and adults.

Traditional fixed braces are typically used for children and teenagers, with brackets attached directly to the teeth and connected by an arch. While children and teenagers are often proud of their sometimes-colorful brackets and futuristic-looking wires in their mouths, adults often place more value on the aesthetics of braces. The following types of braces are possible:

  • Fixed braces with particularly small metal or ceramic brackets
  • Fixed, invisible braces on the inside of the teeth (e.g. Incognito ™)

The more significant difference in the orthodontic treatment of adults compared to younger patients, however, lies in the challenge for the orthodontist, since the jawbones in adults are already more solidified and the tissue reactions are limited due to age. This can lead to a longer duration of treatment. Other factors that can complicate the treatment are missing, loose or damaged teeth as well as inflammation of the gums. Nevertheless, orthodontic measures are possible at almost any age.


With Invisalign, you can fulfill your dream of the perfect smile in a short time. You get the highest level of comfort with optimal functionality and can thus have your misaligned teeth treated inconspicuously and without restrictions in everyday life. We offer you as adults and your children the most modern orthodontic prevention and treatment on the way to healthy and beautiful teeth in a fully digitized, state-of-the-art practice.

Invisalign has become one of the most popular teeth straightening options for an increasing number of patients, particularly teens and adults. Invisalign, the virtually invisible alternative to traditional braces, helps you to live more naturally while conveniently straighten your teeth and transform your smile discreetly.

The great advantage of Invisalign is that the path to a beautiful and confident smile for teens and adults is much more aesthetic and flexible. In contrast to conventional braces, the aligners are comfortable, can be removed if necessary, and are almost invisible. This allows you to continue doing the activities you enjoy, without the restrictions, irritations, and embarrassing situations associated with metal braces and wires in your mouth. Aligners are removable, so they can be easily removed for eating, drinking, or daily oral hygiene. This can significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay during orthodontic treatment. The Invisalign method dispenses with metal braces and wires. This prevents inflammation in the mouth area and avoids time-consuming readjustment of the braces.

Invisalign can be used to treat the following misalignments: crowding gap, crossbite, head bite, deep bite and open bite. Do you have any questions or are you not sure whether aligners are the right treatment option for you? We would be delighted to advise you at Yorkdale Dental Centre.

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